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iPhone 3G – Send a text message to multiple people

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

In my earlier post I mentioned that it is not possible to send multiple text messages from an iPhone 3G. I stand corrected. Sending SMS/Text messages to multiple contacts is possible on the iPhone. The user interface is not intuitive, leaving users perplexed when trying to send SMS/Text messages to multiple contacts.

Here is how you can send SMS/ Text message to multiple contacts/people:

More iPhone 3G – SMS/Text messages

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

The iPhone 3G and what it lacks for SMS/Text messaging:

  • No Copy/Paste feature
  • No SMS/Text Forwarding facility
  • No facility to SMS/Text multiple recipients
  • No Character count
  • SMS Preview a privacy concern (can be turned off but a bit cumbersome to do so)

For the good parts, the iPhone 3G does have some pretty useful applications available. I have been using the Map application and Twitterific extensively. Also, the WiFi allows me to check emails, use Twitter, Facebook, download podcasts directly to my iPhone, all using my internet connection at home. This way I save on the data usage allocated by my service provider and can use it on the road the next time I’m lost again ;-)

My new Apple iPhone 3G

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Finally, after much deliberation, I got my iPhone 3G.

First impression? Awesome!!! The much talked about UI is really slick and unlike most phones available on the market.

Fun? Yes!!!

Intuitive? No!!!