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How I got my domain name…

Monday, April 7th, 2008

So the why force10x you ask me? It was a dark moonlit night, 300 years ago…oh well, I wish ;-) .

It was the year 2000. I was employed at a leading IT and Telecommunications firm. The year of the Dot com (.com) Bubble burst that saw many IT firms go down and out. The firm I was employed with was affected just like any other and it was at this time that I got my hands on Andy Grove’s “Only the Paranoid Survive. A book that the then CEO of Intel had written about the changes and the ups and downs of a business. In this book Andy speaks about changes so enormous that influences the market dynamics. These changes are said to be 10 times or 10 fold the normal/usual change. Andy terms the force that makes such a change as a 10x force. (Which means ten times x). An example of such a force would be Television in the era of radio, or, the internet which revolutionised the way we communicate. Email as a 10x change compared to snail mail. (oh well! you might as well as get the book and read all about it.)

I like the idea of this 10x change. At that time there were not many online communities for designers and creative folks in India. I thought why not start one. An online community that would not only facilitate knowledge exchange but also help bring out the much needed change in the design industry. Design, whether that be print, interactive or online media, at that time was all about making products: websites, Intranets, interactive multimedia presentations, web applications look pretty. Whereas, I thought of design as a combination of art and science. After all design not only makes products look pretty but also makes it easy to use with for the user.

I had envisioned the online community to act as a resource for the industry and help set standards for good design. I thought it would be the one place were professionals and amateurs could share experiences and techniques and get their daily dose of design mantra.

With this idea in mind I purchased the force10x domain. At that time, due to personal constraints I could not go ahead with this idea of the online community.

So there in a nut shell how and why I got the domain ;-)

Yoohooo!!!! Cyber-World, here we come….

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Finally, after eight years, (registered the domain in the year 2000) is online.

Yep, I did kick myself in the @r$e and got on it. And partly because of assignments at uni (short for university or college or school whatever you know it as). Thanks also to the folks at and Crucial Paradigm who have given me a good deal on their shared hosting package.

The folks at Crucial Paradigm are not only patient but also quick to respond to queries. Lets see how it goes from here.

Among all other ramblings, I would most certainly do a post on how and why I took so long to get on line, the apprehensions of finding a good host, some stuff of what I am doing at uni and of course post links to resources and sites that I find interesting .